7-10 things to do in Des Moines, IA


Des Moines is the capital of the state of Lowa, it is a place that mixes the old and the new if you take a trip here you will get to have a great experience. There are various attractions such that include, the breathtaking Pappajohn Sculpture Park that is mixed with historical landmarks like the state capital building. There are also local initiatives such as the Downtown Farmers Market where you will get to experience the best local Des Moines flavors.

For the younger guests, there are numerous activities to enjoy in Des Moines for example the majestic Blank zoo that has animal collections from all over the world. There are also educational attractions scattered all over the cities, they include botanical gardens and museums.

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The following are some of the things you can do in Des Moines:

The park is located in the downtown area of Des Moines spreading across 25 acres of prime land. The Blank Park Zoo has a mission statement to preserve and educate on conservation and environmental issues. When you are here you can visit the Aquarium of the Discovery Center, stroll along the Boardwalk or visit the koalas and kangaroo at the Australia Adventure Center.

For the art lovers this the perfect place to stop over, There are permanent collections here that include pieces by powerhouse artists such as Rodin and Matisse. There is also the museum and ornamental rose garden that features a range of sculptures.

The garden dates from the 1920s, inside the mansion visitors will find an art museum as well as a concert hall and a library. It features a botanical garden as well as a glamorous mansion.

The market is located in the downtown historic court District of the city. Here you will get to meet over 300 vendors selling wares in the same place. You will also get to experience entertainment from live music and street performance.

The park was founded by Pappjohn Mary in 2009, It has 20 Sculpture by the prominent local artist. They were all donated from the private collection of Pappajohn and are overseen by the Des Moines Art Center.

The state capital building is an ideal place to visit to learn more about this city and the state of Lowa. It is dated from 1871 and you will find decorative features inside such as marble work, intricate stone carvings, and astonishing art collections.

This is a display garden and outdoor photography studio that is used for better homes magazine shoots. The garden is open for the public to visit when not in use by the magazine. You can have an afternoon stroll in the afternoon in the garden.

It is a museum that is dedicated to Dr. Norman Borlaug, a former Nobel peace prize winner who is known for his food program designed to eliminate hunger and improve food security around the globe. Here you will find galleries that tell the story of the doctors’ work.

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