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We never think about our floors as much until something is wrong with them. A strong and durable floor, therefore, becomes an essential need for every property owner. Not only will having one relieve the maintenance costs, but also the pressure that comes with floor repairs. 

Metallic Epoxy Floors are an exceptional choice for you if you don’t want to worry about repairs or expensive maintenance. 

This type of epoxy floor has been on the rise in the market in the last few years. Trendy is not the only reason. Metallic epoxy floors have too many benefits going on to ignore. 

What’s a metallic epoxy floor?

Epoxy is a mixture of resin and a hardener that has been in use for years in the paint, floors, and adhesives industry. Metallic epoxy starts as a liquid and dries out to be a sturdy floor that will serve its purpose.

The metallic additives in the epoxy move throughout the liquid as it cures, and once dry, a pristine floor is the result. Whether for your business or home, an epoxy floor gives your room such a striking effect.

metallic epoxy flooring
Metallic Epoxy Floor

Benefits of metallic epoxy floors

With this type of floor, the design direction you take is virtually endless, and so are the benefits and advantages it presents. Here is what you gain by installing a metallic epoxy floor in your building.

Does your space look uninviting and dull? Are you struggling with creating a lively look for your business or home? Metallic epoxy might be your answer. The additives in the epoxy reflect light to create a sheen on the floor, brightening the room.

Bright rooms will give your home an impression of being larger and spacious.

Everyone seems to have the same tile design or the dull concrete floors that look all the same. Not with Metallic epoxy floor coating. While the colors may look the same, the pigments and application process will yield a unique floor each time.

Your floor can be a piece of artwork that is interesting and good to walk on. You can opt for 3D effects, glass-like finishes, or a pearlescence design for your floor. With a professional epoxy floor installer, the result will be eccentric.

There is a reason why commercial property owners prefer metallic epoxy floors over all others.

You will find these floors in automobile plants, restaurants, and hospitals. Give a metallic epoxy floor foot traffic, and it will hold up just fine. This floor can deal with most levels of heaviness that it might have to face. If it lasts such a long time in a commercial setting, it will last even longer in your residential property.

The epoxy floor is stain and chemical resistant. It protects porous concrete from long-lasting stains and the absorption of chemicals that may damage the foundation. It may start as a liquid, but it is a rock-solid floor that can withstand the pressure of foot traffic and activities.

It looks shiny. Isn’t it slippery? 

Don’t let the glossy look of the metallic epoxy floor fool you.

Though it looks slippery, metallic epoxy is a sturdy and slip-resistant floor option for any room you use a lot. Furthermore, we can always add a top coat to make it an anti-slip floor.

Depending on the foot traffic and the care you render metallic epoxy, this floor can last between ten to twenty years in an industrial setting. For residential homes, epoxy floors can last up to thirty years.

Best Places to install metallic epoxy floors

Garage epoxy flooring

Seeing as metallic epoxy is resistant to oil, chemicals, and acids, it will be fit for use as a garage floor. The glossy finish makes it easy to clean the stains and spills that might happen in a garage.


While we rarely use basements, ensuring yours has a good and sturdy floor will take a massive weight off your shoulders. Metallic epoxy floors are an ideal choice for basements for a couple of reasons. First, this floor is waterproof and will safeguard your basement from moisture damage if leaks were to happen.

Second, metallic epoxy floors require only a little maintenance, saving you time and costs associated with maintaining other types of floors.

Commercial buildings

A metallic epoxy floor is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Affordable, low-maintenance, and glossy, it gives your place of business an appealing view. The array of design options gives your business a unique look and personable authenticity.

This concrete can be helpful for people who wish to promote safe and secure environments. Polished concrete floors aren’t slippery. If you do not want people to have to deal with trips, falls, and severe physical injuries, you won’t have to think twice about taking the concrete polishing route.

Do you like the idea of concrete flooring that isn’t prone to the emergence of dust? Do you like the idea of concrete flooring that isn’t vulnerable to flaking, chipping, peeling, lifting, or anything else along those lines? If you are, then concrete polishing may be your best choice. 

metallic flooring

3 Tips for maintaining metallic epoxy floors

Avoid soap-based cleaners

Cleaning metallic epoxy floors with soap-based cleaners leave a dulling residue. Besides, soap makes the floors extra slippery posing a hazard to everyone in a building. Instead, use a simple broom. Also, avoid acid-based cleaners as they cause the same dulling effects.

Spot clean

Metallic epoxy floors are not as prone to dirt as other floors. That said, you will need to eliminate the occasional spill or stain. Use a mixture of water and ammonia to clean up the stubborn stain and dry it off with a cloth.

Remove dirt and debris as they happen

The glossy side of metallic epoxy is a good thing until you realize that it’s more prone to scratches. For spaces like the garage, it’s essential that you clean off the dirt to prevent the debris from causing scratching. A vacuum and a heavy-duty broom are all you require.

Epoxy Flooring Contractor DCD Garage Floors

Give your home a luxurious and functional metallic epoxy floor

DCD Garage Floors is a team of professionals that can help give your home a long-lasting floor that’s low-maintenance and beautiful. Our floor solutions are affordable, quality, and tailored to deliver the best standards in the industry.

Call us today, and let’s work out an epoxy floor plan that will be a fit for your home.

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