It is not uncommon to find that the people living in a home are the third generation of a family to live. In such cases, the houses could have been built, or bought by grandparents, who proceeded to care for the home meticulously. As their grandchild, you definitely wouldn't want to let such a gem go when it is in the perfect neighborhood.

After all these years, there is bound to be some wear and tear especially in concrete floors. While the boilers and the shingles have been taken care of multiple times, the porch has stood strong all these years; well, until recently. That existing concrete flooring has been slowly developing a large crack on its surface and if neglected, it could turn out to be a damaged concrete.

Even if it looks like you would have to rip out the porch and put in a fresh design, what if there was another way to restore existing concrete slabs?

Enter the Decorative Concrete Overlay.

The good thing about living in this land is there is always a solution to everything. You just have to look hard enough, and make sure that you have the will to do it. That beat up concrete slab looks like it has seen better days. If the existing concrete surface seems to be drab and looks like dry skin, the cracks would really bother you the most.

You can keep the concrete surface and restore it to its former glory through decorative concrete overlays.

A decorative concrete overlay will fill in the cracks and restore the slab to its previous integrity. From here, it will then create a new look to concrete floors, a decorative concrete overlay in your patio and even a stamped concrete overlay if you wish to have a more detailed surface.

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Taking stock.

Before repairing something, you first have to find out exactly what is the extent of the damage of the existing concrete surfaces. This is the point of the first step on a cement based flooring. What exactly will that existing slab need if you are to return it to its former glory? The insights to be gleaned will then inform the easy steps that are to follow.

Priming the concrete.

If the concrete overlay is to repair and hold, there are some preparations that are to be made to the existing concrete slab. This will mean having to blast it clean using a pressure wash. From here, a bonding primer is applied. This is to ensure any product applied will hold.

Concrete resurfacing.

All those years of wear and tear will be wiped away in one action. A concrete resurfacing system will be prepared on site. This is what will be used to smooth fill in the cracks and to prepare a smooth concrete surface. This is done with meticulous attention to ensure it is smooth and doesn't leave behind pockets of air or stress from overworking.

Here comes the decorative concrete overlays.

The concrete resurfacing will leave a surface that is smooth to look at, and even feel. This is the canvas with which technicians from DCD Garage Floors will use to put up the design you wanted. Whether you wanted a symmetrical pattern or a natural stone overlay concrete, the technicians will know exactly what to do to get the perfect pattern.

The big finish.

Once the pattern is set, it's now time to stain the concrete floor. This could be in a pattern of your choosing, or you can follow one that occurs naturally such as flagstone on driveways, walkways and pool decks or even add color to the overlay material to look more stunning. After stained concrete is done, a topcoat sealer is put in place to give it that glazed look and also to protect the color and the new concrete floor from the elements.