A perfect day at Des Moines

7-10 things to do in Des Moines, IA

Not only is Des Moines the state capital of Lowa, but it is also a perfect travel destination with lots of attractions to explore. Des Moines has a lot to offer in the way of culture, food and local flavor. I had a perfect day in the city as I got to experience the city’s most exciting activities in various sites. Here is how I had an ultimate day in Des Moines by experiencing the best live music,   shopping, and having very nice meals.

The Des Moines Art Center is a must go to if you happen to be in the city. I got to visit the museum that houses stunning artwork from different artists. The museum is the perfect mix for a dose of international and local culture.

We did get lucky enough to catch the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market where we got to have the bests breakfast burrito. There are several farmers, bakers, and artists here who sell fresh products that include meat, cheese, flowers and crafts. The market is ideal as vendors usually come from over 50 Lowa counties to be part of the weekly event.

We visited the Pappajohn sculpture park in the downtown area, we had a tour guide who took us through the park and it was so educative as we got to learn more about the sculptures and the artists who made them. We also went South of the downtown at the Blank Park Zoo. Here we got to see many animals that have been exhibited. Including the African Boardwalk, aquarium, and a free-range aviary. It was so exciting as we learned and saw over 700 creatures. The Blank Park Zoo charges 14 USD for adults and 8 USD for children.

Capital building tour is also a great place to visit, we had a great experience here as we got to tour the building and the grounds. To have the best tour that is educative, we took a tour that was one hour long. We learned about the history of the building, its impressive architecture, and its role in today's modern city. There are several artwork and designs at the capitol building. The designs are carved by hand inside the capitol building, which is also where the Lowa governor’s office is and also where the Lowa House of Representatives and Senate meet.

Another event that we could not afford to miss was the Lowa State Fair which happens every August for two weeks. The Lowa State Fair has been an annual tradition since 1854, it usually draws in over a million people, therefore, it was important for us to have a map and a perfect schedule that include activities that we found most interesting. The event featured agricultural trade shows, We also enjoyed the live music and park rides. There are several activities that one can experience for the two weeks and we did experience quite a number for the day.

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