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Imagine yourself coming to your friend’s or colleague’s home; what is the one thing that your eyes would likely see? Of course, the floors! Whether you agree or not, the quality and state affect many factors. If you’re running a business in Altoona, Iowa, would customers step in if you have a dull-looking floor?

But, let’s look at the other side. When your concrete floor looks glossy and beautiful, your clients or friends will have an excellent first impression. Show off your floor’s distinctive style with the epoxy floor coating that residents and commercial owners love. DCD Garage Floors is one of the industry’s top Altoona epoxy flooring contractors, offering quality products for dealers and individuals. So whether you’re a homeowner looking for an excellent epoxy floor coating, we’ve got what you need!

Epoxy Flooring Experts in Altoona, IA

Our epoxy flooring to your Altoona, IA house, garage flooring, business, or industrial area is a great way to create a long-lasting and strong concrete flooring choice. Our pledge to you at DCD Garage Floors is that our work will be of the highest quality from beginning to end. Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

  • Highest attention to every detail
  • Superior epoxy floor coating solutions
  • Custom color and texture for epoxy floor coatings
  • Ongoing technical support
  • And much, much more!

Our professionals go above and beyond to make the entire process smooth and pleasurable for every customer. DCD Garage Floors epoxy flooring Altoona is professionally planned that will turn your house into a gorgeous and useful finish. Let us help you create a functional masterpiece that will last a lifetime with our epoxy floor coating.

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Polished Concrete Des Moines

How Do DCD Garage Floors Differ?

What sets us apart from the other epoxy flooring contractors is the way we mix the highest levels of quality and attention to detail in completing the project. If you want to get the most out of your epoxy flooring installation, get it installed by specialists to ensure optimum durability and aesthetic appeal. The professionals at DCD Garage Floors are highly skilled and offer a warranty on their work.

If you’re residing in Altoona, IA, your concrete floors should be durable and able to sustain heavy foot traffic. Fortunately, Altoona epoxy flooring offers more than you’ve imagined. When compared to other hard surfaces like tile or bare concrete, epoxy is virtually indestructible.


Guaranteed Excellence From Beginning To End

Epoxy floor coating is more than simply a job; it’s an art form. Everything we do, from the initial free estimate to the final finished project, centers around the smallest details. Our epoxy floor coatings are intended to meet safety procedures in both residential and industrial settings. When it comes to epoxy coating, DCD Garage Floors only uses the best materials and the most cutting-edge techniques.

Hence, choosing a professional with years of experience in epoxy floor coating assures the finest floor preparation and application for the longest-lasting results. Being in the business of protecting your concrete floor means that we can assist with damage repair, proper installation, and treatment of any current or future concerns that may arise.

Polished Concrete Des Moines

Give Your Floors A Fresh Look

We are one of the top epoxy floor contractors in Altoona, Iowa, and we are dedicated to delivering expert services and solutions. DCD Garage Floors can assist you in making the best options for your solid epoxy floor project to meet all of your concrete coating demands. Do you have any further questions about our epoxy floor coatings? Our concrete flooring specialist is here to assist you! Contact our staff right away to learn more about our epoxy flooring services at competitive prices.



Altoona is located in Polk County, Iowa, about 5 miles from Des Moines. As of the most recent census, its population was 14,541. It also has one of the most affordable city tax rates in the surrounding area. In addition to Adventureland, Prairie Meadows, and a casino, Altoona is home to the first Bass Pro Shops retail location in central Iowa and a horse racing track.

Anthony Yant arrived in what is now Altoona in 1854, the same year Gilbert T. Taylor did. The area was first surveyed in 1847 and listed for sale by the US government in 1848, but it took six years to sell. Finally, following a series of deals between several families, the Davises commissioned surveyor Juian B. Bausman to plan the city.

On March 11, 1876, Altoona became a city through the process of incorporation. As a result of Altoona’s location on the Des Moines Valley Railroad, the name “Altus” means “high” in Latin. Julian B. Bausman came up with the name for the city.

Major and small businesses alike are establishing roots in and around Altoona, including Facebook, Amazon, and various enterprises in sophisticated manufacturing, retail, data, logistics, hospitality, and other sectors. Plus! Altoona has an amusement park, a movie theatre, an outdoor retail area, leisure facilities, golf courses, an aquatic facility, athletic complexes, attractive restaurants and breweries, a casino and racetrack, and access to central Iowa’s fantastic bike path system.

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