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Concrete Floors from Drab to Fab

As the go-to concrete commercial flooring contractor with many years of concrete flooring experience, we offer a specialist concrete resurfacing and creative concrete service that is always of excellent quality, low maintenance, durable, and which comes at affordable prices, whatever the size of the job – large or small.

Our concrete staining and decorative concrete flooring solutions are a work of art in itself, with stamping and staining options, colors, floor coatings designs, finishes, and bespoke logos to match your commercial branding.

With our invaluable experience in concrete design for a multitude of purposes, we can provide aesthetically pleasing tailor-made concrete floors for your business, whether it’s for an office, up-market reception area, a retail building, a salon, or a restaurant.

Our concrete commercial floors offer you functionality as well as beauty, and of course, they are also durable and really easy to clean and maintain. The commercial concrete flooring services we offer are varied and many, and we are happy to turn your hand to most concrete flooring requirements.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

There are a number of reasons why you should consider concrete flooring options designed and by DCD Garage Floors – these include:

Finish – You’ll be able to choose the exact color, design options, and shape you want, and pick a unique edge profile, add embeds, and even polished concrete floors for an excellent finish – hand-cut and custom-made.
Duplication – Concrete can be left in its natural grey color or be customized to replicate the look of granite, marble, brick, slate, or even wood planks – perfect for your business.

Finishes – We can offer many textures and finishes that can match any design style, including traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial, or rustic.

Customize – We have several custom features which we can cast into your counters, including logos– just about anything you want.

Commercial concrete
Concrete polishing


Robust, durable, and luxurious. Our concrete resurfacing floors are incredibly durable – we can add glass fibers to the concrete mix making the material both extremely strong and lightweight but also with the bonus of making it less likely to crack than other materials.
Because of the large number of people, you’ll have using your commercial floor. Our hard-wearing concrete resurfacing options are ideal as they can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, as well as protect from stains and abrasions.


Our commercial decorative concrete may look outrageously expensive, but in fact, it is incredibly affordable, especially if you have an existing concrete floor that is just being resurfaced.  With our stamping, concrete polishing, concrete staining, resurfacing, and decorative overlays, your floor will look like it’s brand new.

Our floors have a strong contemporary look with variations in terms of price, but our team will do all they can to match our prices to your requirements.


Another advantage of concrete flooring is that they are an on-trend material because they exude modern industrial aesthetics, which complement your business requirements.

They aren’t the cold, gray slabs of concrete of yesteryear – the appearance is now warm, gleaming surfaces that are both functional as well as practical.

As experts in installing and resurfacing on a wide range of commercial concrete floors, we can provide you with the lowest possible quote, expert installation, and a high-quality final product with the use of our high-quality flooring materials. For a fast and accurate estimate of your flooring costs, just give us a ring and speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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