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If you have been living in Waterloo, you know how incredible the place is! Waterloo, Iowa, is the state’s sixth-largest city and one of the safest places to live in the state. Waterloo is a lovely spot to visit and settle down in, with spectacular state park areas all around. This region necessitates long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring, which is precisely what DCD Garage Floors have.

Turning an existing concrete floor into a non-slip and durable surface isn’t hard. Here at DCD Garage Floors, we have top-quality solutions and installation services at a reasonable cost. Our rigorously trained epoxy flooring professionals have experience with all types of epoxy flooring applications. We can provide value to our customers that are unmatched by other epoxy flooring contractors. We will help you find everything you’re searching for. We guarantee compliance with our excellent installations; contact us for more detail about what we do.


We Provide The Highest Level of Services in Waterloo, Iowa
Specializing in Residential and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings.

One-day installation of the garage floor system backed with a limited guarantee.

Epoxy flooring installation is an excellent system for new or old floors. 

Metallic stain and epoxy flake floors give the look of marble with an easily maintainable surface​.

The rubber floor option is a fantastic epoxy system used for pool decks, front steps, or livestock applications. 

Outdoor flooring systems give a weather-resistant surface to make every property and patio beautiful.

Concrete polishing makes use of a comparable grind and seal technique as epoxy floors.

Stained concrete is low maintenance yet a very versatile type of flooring.

Exquisite Epoxy

Concrete Flooring in Waterloo, Iowa

Have you ever dreamed of walking into a slip-resistant concrete surface having a luxurious look? DCD Garage Floors is now serving in Waterloo and surrounding areas. 

Our decorative concrete and epoxy coatings are exquisite, making them stand out among the other flooring contractors in Iowa. Plus! They come in various styles and many different options to help transform the garages, basements, patios, or any other industrial settings into something better. As a top-performing concrete flooring contractor in Waterloo, we provide quality at a fair price and on schedule. When you see the excellent craftsmanship that goes into each project, we promise to make you happy.

Epoxy Flake Coating Waterloo

Why DCD Garage Floors Waterloo?

Are you searching for a contractor within Waterloo? We know how daunting it is, and sure it would take a lot of time to fill your flooring needs. And we agree that your concrete floor coating project in Waterloo deserves a proper and cost-efficient plan. Complete and adequate surface preparation will help bring optimum results. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. 

At DCD Garage Floors, we have established ourselves as the experts when it comes to epoxy flooring. We only offer the best possible solution in Waterloo to keep your concrete floors protected and maintained. We strive to deliver quality epoxy floor coatings, garage floor coatings, concrete polishing, stained concrete, and overlays.

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Serving You With Pride

If you are interested in having good-looking floors – made to last, our specialists are happy to oblige. DCD Garage Floors in Waterloo Iowa, offers garage floor epoxy, polishing, and staining services. If you need Epoxy Floor Coating services, send us a message or give us a call today for a free estimate.

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