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Do you have a dull, dusty garage, or just plain ugly? Are you tired of looking at it? Garage floors made of concrete don’t hide their age. They lose their bright sheen with time and are replaced by discolorations, cracks, chips, road debris, and engine oil leak stains caused by heavy use. Professionally replacing your flooring system with an aesthetically beautiful, easy to maintain, durable, and the sturdy surface is the quickest method to restore the luster to your garage floor, whether it’s a personal or commercially used space.

Well, here at DCD Garage Floors, we have the expertise and materials to turn your garage into a functional and attractive space. Our Waterloo epoxy floor coatings can provide your garage with a clean, sleek, and modern look while being incredibly robust, stain-resistant, and long-lasting, all at a reasonable price!

It's More Than Just A Garage!

You won’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to garage floors. We wouldn’t either. That’s why we look for exceptional people and train them to be the most excellent installers in the business. That is why we always utilize the best materials. To ensure that you have a beautiful, long-lasting garage floor that is low-maintenance for the long – term.

We start with the best of everything at DCD Garage Floors. The texture and pattern of our epoxy garage floor make it the ideal solution for keeping your floor looking its best for years to come, thanks to its outstanding scratch and wear resistance. We start with the greatest people, materials, equipment, and methods, and then we help you realize your garage ambitions. You can’t go wrong with superior technology and materials when it comes to increasing the value of your property. We’ll work together to provide you with a more livable space to enjoy.

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Superb Garage Epoxy Flooring in Waterloo, IA

With appealing and long-lasting garage floor coatings, you may improve the look of your home, garage, or recreational space. The garage floor coatings create a moisture barrier for concrete floors that can keep your garage or basement looking like new. Plus, with a variety of options for color and finish, it’s easy to get your space looking its best while adding value for years to come!

Rely on the pros at DCD Garage Floors when you need epoxy floor installers for your garage project. When put over a concrete coat, our floor epoxy provides a flexible and durable surface with a high level of protection. The fully guaranteed surface is a thick, seamless system that forms an iron-like attachment to concrete, unlike tiles that can come loose or paint and sealants that can peel. Our customized proposals allow you to choose which areas are most essential to you and where you should invest your money. When ready for epoxy flooring, leave the installation to our epoxy floor contractors.

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Why Garage Floor Epoxy Is Right For You?

Is the floor filthy, damaged, and unattractive? If that’s the case, consider applying an epoxy coating to your area. A professionally developed garage floor epoxy will change your dingy space into a professional-looking space with a robust, sturdy, and long-lasting floor. The following are examples of garage epoxy floors:

  • Extremely strong and long-lasting
  • Resistant against moisture and stains
  • Resurfacing qualities 
  • Unlimited designs 
  • Installation time is minimal.

Years after the epoxy flooring has been installed, even intensively used garages look wonderful. These epoxy garage floors are resistant to chemicals, chipping, and damage, as well as wear and tear. It’s easy to see why this flooring coating should be at the top of your home improvement priority list. Contact us right now to get an epoxy floor for your commercial or home space in Waterloo, Iowa, and surrounding areas.

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Need A Fresh Garage Coat?

Relax! As we seek to make our services easier for our clients, we explain the process so you know exactly what to expect. Our lowest competitive pricing and free firm estimates are part of this. Plus, before we start any work, we’ll meet with you to review your requirements and provide you with an estimate upfront. So give us a call to talk about your epoxy floor coating installation services or get a free estimate! Please get in touch with us right away!



Waterloo is the largest metropolis of the Cedar Valley Region of Northeast Iowa, located in the Upper Midwest and considered one of the biggest cities there. Compared to the other two cities (Cedar Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area), Waterloo is the most popular one. Waterloo, Iowa is the perfect model for a mid-sized American city!

The town of Waterloo was established in 1845 as Prairie Rapids, and the name Waterloo was adopted in 1851. Between two Meskwaki American tribal seasonal camps, the town grew up along the Cedar River. It was the first settlement since George and Mary Melrose Hanna and their children settled on the east bank of the Red Cedar River in 1845. The Virden and Mullan families followed them in 1846.

Waterloo, Iowa, has a rich history of entrepreneurialism and a strong start-up ecosystem. With a workforce of over 300,000, Waterloo is the region’s center for government, advanced technology, healthcare, education, housing, and retail. Waterloo now has 30-acre advanced manufacturing, research and development, growth, business, commercial, and manufacturing center called TechWorks Campus. Waterloo is tackling globalization, diversity, and inclusion, as well as other topics.

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