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West Des Moines is a city full of attractions, restaurants, places, and establishments where people come and go. In other words, surely they don’t want their concrete and garage floor to look dull. We cannot deny that the flooring design of any property makes an essential contribution to how it looks and can bring different impressions from people who step and walk on it.

As businesses try to find an effective concrete flooring solution, a new flooring comes into the picture. Fortunately, epoxy floor coatings have been popular these days, especially in commercial and residential settings. DCD Garage Floors specializes in assisting you in creating the most splendid epoxy floors of your desires. Our skilled service epoxy floor coating contractors are qualified and experienced in the most modern products and techniques to provide a beautiful finish in every space of your house. So, whether you’re a West Des Moines homeowner or business owner seeking a fantastic epoxy floor coating, we’ve got what you need!

Top-Rated Epoxy Flooring In West Des Moines, IA

The easiest solution to restore the sheen of your concrete and garage floor is to professionally upgrade your concrete flooring system with a surface that is aesthetically beautiful, easy to clean, resilient and installed sturdy. DCD Garage Floors is a top-rated and professional flooring company servicing residential and commercial owners. Here’s what we’ve got to offer on our epoxy floors:

  • Closest attention to every detail 
  • High-quality epoxy floor finish
  • Customizable epoxy floor coating color and texture
  • Experienced flooring crew
  • Complete sealing solutions

For epoxy floor coating solutions you can rely on, our qualified and our expert crew can carefully apply our beautifully blended epoxy floor coatings on the concrete floor! Clients from all across West Des Moines, IA, know to call the trained and experienced staff at DCD Garage Floors for trustworthy epoxy floor services and solutions!

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Optimum Quality Epoxy Floor Coating

You are in charge of finding a new floor for your home, business, or industry. That means you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a floor that answers all of your questions. Don’t be worried; DCD Garage Floors has you covered!

If you operate a business and need new flooring, you’ll want something durable and resistant to foot traffic. You may benefit from epoxy floor coating regardless of your sector. Our comprehensive epoxy concrete flooring is rugged and capable of withstanding high use levels and are just what businesses have been seeking.

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Increase The Value Of Your Home!

It’s not just about adding a little sparkle to your polished concrete; it’s about making an investment! We are devoted to utilizing only the finest quality materials and cutting-edge processes to provide a quick, effective, and comprehensive process. However, we are concerned with more than just a pristine finish. We’re in the industry of protecting your polished concrete, so we can assist in making repairs and addressing any present or future problems that arise.

We are delighted to assist you if you want to have fantastic floors within your budget. Every surface is distinct and deserves a one-of-a-kind inventive solution. If you do need concrete floor coating, we can be one of the go-to epoxy contractors!

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Call Us For Lasting And Detailed Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Do you want some clarity and convenience when it comes to finding the finest floor for your firm? We are one of the leading epoxy floor contractors in West Des Moines, Iowa, and we are committed to providing excellent epoxy floor coating solutions. DCD Garage Floors can help you choose the best options for your epoxy floor project to satisfy all of your concrete coating requirements. Request a free estimate for your project to make your life simpler.



West Des Moines is a city in the Iowa counties of Polk, Dallas, Warren, and Madison. The city’s center is in Polk County, a minority in Dallas County, and small portions extend into Warren and Madison counties.

On October 9, 1893, the City of West Des Moines was formed. Since its beginning, the City of West Des Moines has strived to offer the finest available services to its citizens. It has evolved from a 500-person railroad hamlet known as Valley Junction in 1893 to a commercial and residential center. West Des Moines is situated near the intersection of Interstates 35 and 80. The city is still one of Iowa’s fastest-growing towns, with many amenities designed to offer its residents an excellent quality of life. As the city expanded, various schools, churches, and other structures were built.
Looking around West Des Moines now, it is clear that the aspirations of our forefathers have become a reality. Hy-Vee, FBL Financial Group, GuideOne Insurance, Windsor Windows & Doors, Iowa Foundation for Medical Care, and other companies headquarters in West Des Moines. It has a robust employment market and is an excellent area for several national newspapers to live and do business. It has been named one of our Top 100 Best Places to Live for the past two years in a row.
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